We have 8 slots available! Our Teens program starts from 13 and up. I do accept younger kids, but I will need to approve their movement and attitude first in order to keep a fair class for all the children. 

Please call 808 927 9947  if interested.

This program can change your child’s life. We are opening our class to 13 and above, some 12 yr olds can qualify once assessed by our Coaches.
“Our Mission Statement is ” To Educate, Encourage, and Provide a Safe Environment for our members to achieve their highest fitness potential.”
We have been successful with the Mission with over 2400 PR’s (personal records) Set and 0 (zero) major injuries over 4 yrs.

The coaches at Kahala fully believe in the power of CrossFit teens. Being active and staying fit isn’t just for adults looking for a change in their lifestyle. Creating an early passion for fitness has vast benefits, far beyond being healthy.

Community: Building strong personal relationships as a teenager is more than just having friends. When teens meet others that are the same age and have the same interests, they can become lasting relationships that give them someone they can talk to and rely on. These relationships and communities that are created is what Honolulu is based on.

Stress Relief: Anyone who was a teenager knows how stressful it can be at times. Many teenagers don’t have a safe way of relieving stress and CrossFit Teens can be that stress reliever. Going through the workouts releases endorphins, which naturally makes us feel good. And as you may know, a workout is a great way of releasing frustrations that have built up throughout the day or week.

Long-Term HealthRather than sitting at home, which can establish a sedentary lifestyle, why not get out into the world and create a lifestyle that is full of activity and movement. An early understanding of fitness will lead to a life of health and well being. This includes not just how to workout, but how to eat right and how to build a plan that suits them.

ConfidenceIt’s hard for some adults to walk into a gym without feeling judged by those around them. With CrossFit Teens, a self-confidence like no other is established early that can have lasting benefits throughout their years. A confident teenager will be more likely to do well in school and to have strong goals for their future.

At Kahala, we want to educate youth and adults alike how to be fit and to maintain a regular workout schedule. Our focus and number one priority is always safety and CrossFit Teens is no different. We can assure you that our techniques are safe and will only build strong and healthy bodies.

Schedule – 3:30 – 4:30 pm Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday at 9:30 am

  • 3 X a week – $100.00
  • 2 x a week – $80.00

    • Additional children $50/$40

Call Coach Shane at 808 927 9947
to get a goal setting an assessment appointment.