There are a lot of myths swirling around the subject of CrossFit workouts and their effectiveness, not the least of which is that you can’t lose weight with CrossFit. Here at Kahala CrossFit in Honolulu, we’re confident that if your goal is to lose weight then you can do so with us. If you’re looking for a challenging but fun way to build muscle and lose weight, then a CrossFit gym may just be right for you. Read our blog today for the reasons why CrossFit training can help you burn fat.

CrossFit Workouts Burn Calories

If you’re doing cardio on the treadmill or marching away on the stairmaster, then you’re burning calories. Chances are, though, it’s not enough for your fitness goals. High-intensity (HIIT) workouts like CrossFit will have you burning more calories than other workouts — even more than a lot of purely cardio workouts. Even better, you’ll be burning more calories all day long. This aspect of CrossFit workouts gives you a good chance at losing weight.

CrossFit Workouts Build Muscles

This one is a no-brainer, right? It’s a popular myth that CrossFit workouts are only good for bulking up. This isn’t true, but it has a basis in truth: working out regularly at a CrossFit gym with a trainer will have your muscles working harder and getting bigger. Are you casually using a machine at the gym to “get swole,” but not seeing desired results? Try us instead. You’ll quickly improve your strength and increase your muscle mass — both of which add to a healthy metabolism and helps you to lose weight.

CrossFit Gyms Have A Unique Social Aspect

Though social workouts aren’t great for everyone, we’ve found them to be impactful in motivating you to show up and work hard when you’re here. You’ll most likely share the results from your workout of the day (WOD) online and with your friends at the gym. However, there’s no need to feel judged or inadequate. Everyone starts somewhere, right? At Kahala CrossFit, we recognize that. Whether you’re looking for CrossFit for beginners or you’ve been around since day one, everyone is in it together to help you succeed. We are a family — heʻohana mākou — and you’ll notice the difference when you work out with us.

Why CrossFit Workouts May Not Work (And How To Overcome)

Many people notice weight gain when they first begin regular CrossFit workouts. This can be frustrating during your first month, especially since you’re sweating and working out so hard in the box! If you have weight to lose, though, you’ll soon start to notice the pounds dropping away and your clothes fitting better.

CrossFit workouts are notorious for putting people at high risk for injury. If you do get injured, your weight-loss journey may be halted. However, if you’re doing exercises properly, taking corrections from your instructors, and listening to your body, there’s no need to be concerned.

At Kahala CrossFit, we plan to inspire and empower you with every WOD. Whether you’re a CrossFit woman, CrossFit teen, a long-time member, or are simply looking for CrossFit for beginners, we can help. Get to know our coaches and then visit our gym— we can’t wait to sweat with you.