Do you want to lose weight, gain strength, boost stamina, and feel great? CrossFit workouts can be intimidating and overwhelming if you haven’t been to one before, but it’s no reason to not start now. At Kahala CrossFit, we want everyone to have the body and healthy lifestyle they’ve always wanted. Yes, it does take hard work, a lot of sweat, pushing yourself harder than you ever thought possible, and even more sweat, but with the right training and guidance, you can conquer even the hardest WODs. So before your first CrossFit class, here are some things to know that will help you enjoy the workout.

Basic CrossFit Terms You’ll Want to Know

  • BOX: This is what CrossFit lovers refer to as their gym.
  • WOD: Workout Of the Day
  • SET: A group of repetitions
  • As Rx’d: Short for “as prescribed.” Your instructor will suggest certain weights for an exercise, for example.
  • AMRAP: As Many Repetitions (or Rounds) As Possible. For some exercises, you’ll often have a certain amount of time to do as many reps as you can. This is your chance to push yourself!

How In — or Out of — Shape Are You?

With CrossFit workouts, you might be in shape for long-distance running, but when it comes to strength training, you might not feel like you’re in shape. Completing deadlifts, burpees, and many other exercises can work muscles that may not have seen a lot of action in a while. But trust us, after a month or two of consistent hard work, effort, and eating right, you can get into shape and finally feel great about coming to a class.

It Takes Time to Learn and Master the Moves

For those just starting out, weight lifting could be your worst nightmare. On the other hand, running a mile might take you a lot longer than the RX time. Just know that it will be ok and you can work up to getting the times you want.

Ask For Clarification

The personal trainers and coaches at Kahala will always make safety a priority. So if you are ever unsure about what you’re doing or want additional clarification on the technique, we will always be there to answer your questions. Everyone who has worked out at our gym has been new to the process and had to learn the moves, so when you stop to ask a question, it’s OK, we’ve all been there.


Nutrition is Key

It can be surprising how much better your workouts will be when you eat right outside of the gym. Try to avoid junk foods that are high in fat (unless it’s healthy fat) and sugar. Load up on nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals that will help keep your body energized. Before a CrossFit workout, eat a light, but high-protein snack (like nuts) and be sure to drink a lot of water during and after.

If you’re new to CrossFit workouts, feel free to come visit Kahala for a tour and to meet the instructors. You’re sure to have a better workout when you know the people that are pushing and motivating you.

To continue learning more about the benefits of CrossFit, the best meals to eat outside of the gym, and so much more, check back often for more blog posts. Kahala wants to be your resource for everything CrossFit.