“Kahala Crossfit is a safe, clean, friendly place where people of any level can go to improve every aspect of their physical health. Now that I am 57 years-old it is much harder to be in proper physical shape to still surf, snowboard and enjoy extreme activities that comes my way. When I first tried crossfit in Kahala I did it a handful of times in  the first month and then quit because of work or travel or any combination of lame excuses. However, the benefits stuck with me for a very long time. Over a month after my last crossfit class I could still do more pushups than I could any time the last decade. My leg strength and ability in my surfing and snowboarding also benefited immensely. All the coaches are knowledgeable and helpful to get you to do your best without shaming you or injuring you. They have the most state of the art online system for tracking your progress, plenty of parking, convenient class times, un-crowded classes, beach activities, gym parties, new friends, community projects, great equipment… I could go on and on. “Edward Brinkman 

Personal training is a great option for people who prefer one-on-one instruction, new to exercise, have weight loss as a goal, had injuries/surgeries, and/or athletes who need to work on targeted performance goals (i.e. marathons, triathlons, high school/college sports teams).

Our style of personal training in unlike no other. We will teach you functional movements based on clinical research and what doctors in physiology teach. The average trainer teaches, bodybuilding and, quite honestly, gym rat methodologies. Don’t get me wrong! All movement is good, but why not learn how to use your whole body in a squatt, rather than just the “don’t pass your knees past your toes” rule.

With the customized fitness plan and one-on-one attention from a personal trainer, you will begin to learn how to have fun working out. When you begin seeing the real results you’ve been wanting, you’ll soon be wondering why you haven’t tried it before.

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