re vive /ri’viv/ 1. restore to life or consciousness.

“I’d been training at Kahala CrossFit for several years when a bad surfing accident literally landed me on my okole (and my head, and other parts of me).

Three surgeries later, my neuro and ortho agree: if I hadn’t been as physically and mentally resilient as I had become through intelligent CrossFitting, I wouldn’t be back in the water now. Kahala CrossFit represents the best of this industry. I am grateful to Coach Shane and his staff for getting me fit, keeping me fit, and continuing to safely encourage me to be my best.”  See you out in the H20 – LBT

Advantages and Benefits from REVIVE

Body composition testing, fat loss, lean muscle, increased stamina/endurance, increased strength, increased energy, better mood, better sleep, increased libido and sex drive.

Proper movement, core strength exercises, mobility, fascia release (massage), self control and relaxation techniques, mental strength, stress management and sports nutrition – not diet.