Dr. Liz!
I started at Kahala Crossfit a year and a half ago, after a search for my “next sport”. 
I had minor ankle surgery the year before, and I was not really interested in running longer distances anymore.  I wanted to feel healthy and strong, lose weight, and have fun.  I didn’t quite know what to expect.  I heard some crazy stories from friends who worked out at other boxes, and I also saw a few patients in my medical practice with injuries.
From the moment I walked in, it felt right.  It’s been much more than just a sport.  Everyone is super encouraging and friendly, and I’ve worked out with 17 year olds and 70 year olds, men and women. No one was yelling or pushing in any way that felt intimidating.  There is a real camaraderie and welcoming atmosphere.  All the coaches are fantastic and smart: they instruct us on how to do each movement correctly, and are also tuned to our level and experience (but also encouraging us to go beyond our comfort zone to get stronger and faster).  I’ve also been super impressed with the holistic view on health that I gained from this box.  We’ve learned breathing techniques, stretching, injury prevention, recovery and nutrition (stuff that I never learned in medical school). I can honestly say that I am the most fit I have been in my life thanks to my coaches at Kahala Crossfit.  My kids love that I am stronger, I love that I feel so much better, stronger, and healthier.  Most of all, it has been super fun! 
Dr. Liz

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