1. My Journey Is Just Beginning & I Couldn’t Be More Excited

    “I’m Antonio, I’ve recently completed the 6wk challenge at Kahala Crossfit and its been an absolute blessing in many ways. From having great coaches to meeting new people from all walks of life who all are there for the same reason, to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s incredibly fun and challenging. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain, move better or eat better Kahala Crossfit is perfect for all those who are willing to make the commitment to improve oneself. I’m 32 years old, and I can feel my journey is just beginning. I couldn’t be more excited about the thought of pushing my body to the limit. Mahalo to Coach Shane, Rick and Dave.”

    Antonio Garcia
  2. I Love Crossfit!

    “I love Crossfit because it has helped me build a level of functional fitness and strength that enhances my lifestyle and athletic pursuits.”

    Kelsey Chuckovich
  3. An Awesome Experience!

    “I don’t work out consistently, but every once in awhile I find myself trying to challenge myself with a workout or two.  This past November I found WOD)! It was low impact exercises for about 30-40 minutes. By the end of it, I found what I was looking for!   What makes it fun are the people and the environment that coach Shane creates. It is an awesome experience. Go at your own pace and see the results.”

    Makani Christensen
  4. Great Advice From The Best Coaches!

    “Kahala Crossfit for me has been amazing. I get great advice from the best coaches- Coach Shane, Coach RICO, Coach D MAC, Coach Bronson and all the other coaches. It’s a great place to get fit at your own pace and no pressure to compete except with yourself. Also you meet so many nice people and make great friends. Aloha.”

    Mike Perkins
  5. Kahala Crossfit Helped Me Find The Part Of Me I Never Knew Existed

    “Kahala Crossfit has helped me find the part of me that I never knew existed. The strong part. It helped me to trust people around me, trust myself and to believe in myself. I know why God brought me through these doors and I will always be grateful for everything I’ve learned and continue to learn.”

    Piilani Nicola
  6. Thank You Kahala Crossfit!

    Thank you Kahala Crossfit! for creating such a welcoming and fun environment. I show up not only for the challenging workouts, but also to be encouraged by the warm and supportive friends. You have fabulously small class sizes and fun coaches who give a lot of attention to form and technique, and always push me to do more than I think I can.”

    Tirsa Smith