E komo mai, we welcome visitors. Please sign and pay through the following link.

If you’re a regular to CrossFit training, you’ll know the importance of keeping up with a consistent schedule. The island is a wonderful place for a vacation and a chance to get away from it all, but if you want to keep up with your workouts, it’s also a great place for an hour or so of CrossFit. So if you’re visiting the area and want to get in a workout, we want to make that as easy as possible. 

View our CrossFit training schedule here, and use the link below to sign up for a class.

We offer drop-in classes, one-week classes, drop-in with T-shirt, or a REVIVE six-week personal training and nutrition program.

All of our classes offer full body strengthening using a variety of techniques and moves that will focus on toning muscles and improving stamina. Even with just one workout, you can experience the adrenaline and heartbeat raising workout that you know and love. If you are new to CrossFit training, you can expect coaches and trainers who are passionate about fitness, CrossFit, and who are excited about teaching you the correct technique using your entire body.

Kahala CrossFit is located on the Southeast corner of Honolulu island, not far from the Waialae Beach Park, where you can rest and relax after a hard workout. While you are here, we would love to see at Kahala, but we also want you to enjoy the culture and beauty of the island. Many of our coaches were born and raised on the island, so feel free to ask us where our favorite surf spots are or our favorite restaurants.

We love this island and we love CrossFit and we hope that you will too. Join us for a class and we’re confident that you will be back soon enough.

DROP IN LINK “e komo mai” welcome.

More information, contact Coach Shane at 808 738 9348